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Agorism in the 21st Century #1

We are happy to announce the first issue of Agorism in the 21st Century. A philosophical journal made by DarkFi to share ideas from agorism and the cryptoeconomy movements.

In recent years, the crypto ecosystem has expanded into unforeseen territories. Meme coins have proliferated, bringing with them a new, energetic class of crypto traders. NFTs, DeFi and DAOs rose to power as essential primitives for emboldening crypto communities. Rumors of regulatory unrest are met with significant advances in zero-knowledge cryptography, which promise to make anonymity practical for crypto users.

Yet as an ecosystem, crypto’s growth is propelled not by its flowers – the various technical phenomena that constitute crypto – but by its roots: the philosophy from which crypto originates. It is the contention of this journal that the roots of crypto are firmly agorist. Agorism is crypto’s mythical substructure, its source of nourishment and its anchor.

For this first issue the contributors are Dr. Paul Dylan-Ennis, Jaya Klara Brekke, Nick Land, Amy Ireland and Harry Halpin.

If you’d like to submit an article for a future issue you can contact us by mail or on Twitter.

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Let there be dark: DarkFi Manifesto

Original text published on DarkFi

It’s 2013. The director of the FBI gives a speech titled «The Going Dark Problem». Solemnly he warns of an emerging crisis within law enforcement. Since the Snowden disclosures, increasing public awareness of surveillance has encouraged the wide ranging use of encryption technologies – what he calls the tech tool of choice for criminals.

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No Ethical Activism Under Capitalism: DAOs, DeFi, and Purity Politics

This piece was co-authored with Jahed Momand and Frank Miroslav. Originally published by C4SS.

Quit your purity politics and pay attention to things outside of your camp or else you’ll get wrecked by a changing world and miss meaningful opportunities.

As such, one space I’ve been paying attention to is that of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Despite the fact they often have relationships with Evil naughty bad boy things like speculative finance and artificial scarcity, DAOs have the potential to significantly impact the global economy over the next few decades.1 Even if you think that DeFi and crypto are horrible (and there are good reasons to feel that such as scams and carbon emissions), you should still be paying attention to them if only because they have a much greater likelihood of dramatically impacting the global economic system than, say, neo-Stalinism in our lifetime. A major reason is that despite the public association of cryptocurrencies with right-wing libertarians and/or finance bros, there are powerful innovations in governance and public goods allocation being written in the marginalia that should be of serious interest to anyone sincerely committed to helping others.

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The Last, Whole Introduction to Agorism

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Originally published in The Agorist Quarterly, Fall 1995, Volume One, Number One. Reprinted in
ALLiance a journal of theory and strategy, Samhain/Yule 2008, Beta Issue.

By Samuel Edward Konkin III (SEK3)

Agorism, unfortunately, needs an introduction.
Counter-economics and agorism were originally fighting concepts, forged in what seemed to be the ever-cresting revolution of 1972-73, and which proved to be the last wave instead. Revolutionary rhetoric or not, agorism arose in a time and a context where slogans required extensive published analysis and ongoing dialectic criticism with highly committed competing factions. Thus, when the crucible of “The Sixities”[1] had cooled, amongst all the garish Party pennants, Trashing rubbish, and exploded-Ideology ashes lay a hard, bright and accurate theory and methodology. Probably the first economically-sound basis for a revolutionary platform, agorism’s market melted away before it could even get on the display rack.

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