Token’s system codes

ABT3415091, CYC4104062, etc



We use a own confederation’s system code for tokens that can be used like a reference and unique identification code for every product.

For example:



Asset Backed Token;   Spain;   Olive oil;   Gold



Contract Type: Lescovex’s Smart Contract type.

*usually this system code refers to asset backed tokens only, but can be applied for other generic smart contracts, like CYC, ISC and CIF.


Country Code: International country calling list.


Product Code: HS Harmonized System codes.


Confederation’s Certification:

  • 1: Gold. Organical agriculture, top grade gourmet quality, using handcraft traditional technics in culture, harvesting and ellaboration, small peasant familiar enterprise or workers organized in co-operative.
  • 2: Silver. Organical agriculture, bio quality, small industry ellaboration and minimization of motor use in culture, harvesting and ellaboration, small ethical private enterprise or co-operative.
  • 3: Bronze. Conventional agriculture in transition, high quality, sustainable culture, harvesting and ellaboration, medium to high size co-operative or private enterprise with workers regulated in high grade labor conditions.


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